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About Maxillent

About Maxillent

Revolutionary dental implants

Maxillent Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and provider of innovative solutions that are revolutionizing the field of implant dentistry, advancing it from traditional methods that have remained unchanged for decades.

The company’s flagship product is iRaise™ – a state-of-the-art sinus-lift system that allows dental clinicians to perform a minimally-invasive sinus-floor elevation and implantation in one simple procedure. Transforming traumatic surgical intervention into a simple, trauma-free procedure, iRaise eliminates post-operative swelling, bruising and discomfort, enabling patients to return to work and to their daily routine almost immediately.

In addition to the iRaise sinus-lift implant, Maxillent offers a comprehensive range of iSure™ dental implants, prosthetics, bone graft materials and surgical tools that cover the entire spectrum of dental implant procedures.

Uncompromising commitment to quality

Maxillent’s uncompromising commitment to quality and its strict adherence to regulatory guidelines ensure that its products exceed the industry’s most stringent quality standards worldwide. Maxillent’s development and manufacturing facilities are certified by ISO 13485, and all company products are CE-approved, Canada Health approved, and are commercially available in Israel, and throughout the EU, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Maxillent’s technology, as reflected in a diverse IP portfolio, is the result of extensive proprietary R&D, and its products are covered by US patents, in addition to other US and international pending patents. To date, Maxillent has obtained nine US patents: 7934929, 8029284, 8388343, 8356994, 8556627, 8696354, 8702423, 8721334, 13/314,818, and one Chinese patent: 200980147751.3. The following trademarks are owned by Maxillent: Maxillent™, iRaise™, and iSure™.

The company’s team of engineers, researchers and implantation specialists are among the world’s leading authorities in the field, and its scientific advisory board comprises world-renowned opinion leaders and researchers.