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Not providing sinus lifts yet?

Grow your practice with an easy-to-master procedure

Dentists, who in the past would refer patients to a sinus-lift specialist, can now perform the procedure in their clinic, and gain multiple benefits. The iRaise procedure is performed using standard implant tools and techniques, and is easy to adopt.

Increase patient satisfaction

Offer an advanced minimally-invasive alternative to outdated surgical procedures.

Boost client loyalty

Patients leave the clinic free of pain and hematomas, and are able to resume normal activities immediately.

Already performing sinus lifts?

Reduce chair time and enhance patient experience

Dentists who are already performing sinus augmentation procedures with traditional techniques, gain the following benefits from using iRaise:

Reduce patient chair time

Eliminates several surgical steps, resulting in far less patient chair time.

Safe with less complications

Technique that utilizes hydraulic pressure, resulting in a trauma-free procedure that minimizes the risk of Schneiderian membrane perforation, and reduces post-op care.

Shorter treatment duration

6-9 months duration from sinus augmentation until rehabilitation procedure, requiring fewer patient visits.

Enhanced treatment flexibility

Use iRaise to perform sinus lifts even for single tooth implants, which is not usually feasible with open sinus lifts.

Minimal training required

Easy-to-learn procedure requiring a single training session – much simpler than the complex open sinus-lift.