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Read what dentists are saying about iRaise


A number of patients present that require implants in the posterior maxilla but have insufficient bone height below the sinus floor. In many of these cases, iRaise is a simple and effective technique to place the implants and "avoid the need of an open sinus lift procedure.

David L. Cochran

iRaise is an elegant, smart idea., that could represent a revolution in the dental implant field.

Prof. Danza

iRaise is a clever and predictable alternative for the sinus lift procedure. It significantly reduces the patient's trauma, and is fast and easy for the dentist to perform

Prof. Chauchu

I have had the pleasure to accompany the iRaise technology from the first clinical trials through commercial expansion. The technique is a convenient and predictable method for sinus floor augmentation, and the patient experience is superb

Dr. Horia Barbu

iRaise should be the standard of care for the single tooth; open sinus lift is over treatment

Prof. Adi Lorean

iRaise is a simple and effective technique, excellent replacement for the open sinus lift procedure

Dr. Marco Tallarico

The iRaise is a hydraulic system for a crestal sinus lift. After performing more than 15 cases, I have concluded that this technique minimizes the surgical risk, complications, and trauma for the patients. I highly recommend it

Dr. JJ Tracol

Placing dental implants became a significant part of my daily work since 2004. Unfortunately a lot of patients have insufficient bone height in the posterior maxilla and need sinus floor elevation.The classical surgery is a painful, long and complex surgery so sometimes the pacients can be discouraged.Today, using iRaise system, I can provide to all my patients a simple and effective technique with less surgical risk, complications, and trauma for them.

Alexandru BURCEA DMD, MSc, PhD