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iRaise Kit

iRaise Kit

Comprehensive iRaise kit

The iRaise Sinus Lift Kit

The iRaise procedure kit contains all the components you need for performing a sinus lift, including:
iRaise implant uniquely designed with a proprietary internal L-shaped channel, through which saline is injected to elevate the Schneiderian membrane. The distinctive L shape ensures that the channel is completely isolated from the prosthetic connection and the oral cavity, preventing bacteria from migrating into the bone.

Tube connector easily assembled on the implant, for the purpose of injecting fluids through a standard luer connection.

Bone graft material provided in the kit is MBCP™ gel, an FDA- and CE-approved synthetic and injectable bone substitute. Its osteo-conductive and osteogenic properties are supported by over 20 years of documented research and extensive clinical literature.


Surgical instruments designed for safety and simplicity

Designed for performing a sinus lift quickly and safely, the iRaise system contains a unique drill set, including a special Cortex Drill which enables you to identify the sinus floor easily, minimizing the risk of damaging the Schneiderian membrane.

You will find that the iRaise tools and procedures seem familiar to you from your work with dental implants, and that you need only minimal training to broaden your skills from performing regular implants to performing sinus-lifts with iRaise.