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What is iRaise sinus-lift System?

What is iRaise sinus-lift System?

Sinus-floor augmentation made simple

The iRaise sinus-lift system allows you to perform minimally-invasive sinus augmentation procedures at your clinic, dramatically reducing surgical complexity and trauma, and increasing patient satisfaction. The entire iRaise sinus-lift procedure is performed using the implant itself, including hydraulic elevation of the Schneiderian membrane, and the insertion of bone graft material.

iRaise enables clinicians to make a real difference in their patients’ quality of life, through a quick and safe procedure with far less complications and patient complaints, and fewer follow-up visits than with an open sinus lift procedure.

All-in-one sinus-lift and implant solution

The implant is inserted during the same session as the bone grafting, which shortens the entire iRaise treatment duration, to approximately 9 months, from augmentation until crown placement is completed, which is 5-6 months less than traditional open sinus-lifts.

Ideal for any dentist who inserts performs dental implantations, iRaise is an easy technique that is learned quickly, requiring just a single training session to master it.

Groundbreaking dual-purpose dental implant

The iRaise procedure is enabled through the proprietary iRaise™ sinus-lift dental implant, uniquely designed with a revolutionary feature – an internal L-shaped channel. This channel enables the injection of saline to elevate the Schneiderian membrane. The injection of saline transmits hydraulic pressure, evenly distributed on the membrane’s surface, which causes the membrane to gently detach from the sinus floor without the risk of perforation. The distinctive L shape ensures that the channel is completely isolated from the prosthetic connection and the oral cavity, preventing bacteria from migrating into the bone.

Add an easy-to-master procedure to your portfolio

Dentists, who in the past would refer patients to a specialist, can now enjoy the benefits of performing the easy-to-learn iRaise procedure their clinic, using standard implant tools and techniques.