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iRaise Benefits

iRaise Benefits

Minimally-invasive sinus lift

iRaise is a quick procedure that causes minimal pain and bruising, allowing you to return to your normal day to day life immediately.

iRaise introduces a whole new experience of sinus lifts. After the iRaise treatment, there is no need to be concerned about your appearance, because you will look and feel just like you did before the procedure.

Minimal facial bruising or discomfort
There is no extensive surgery involved, and practically no bleeding or swelling, and therefore you experience far less pain and discomfort as compared to open sinus-lifts.

Fast recuperation
Experience significantly less swelling and discoloration than in open sinus-lifts, so you immediately look and feel like yourself, just like after a routine cavity filling.

Return to your daily routine right away
Return to your normal activities as soon as the procedure is over, without missing work days or any social activities.

Spend less time in the dentist chair
iRaise reduces your time at the dentist’s office, while traditional sinus lifts take much longer.

Show off your new teeth in half the time
The implant is inserted at the same time as the bone graft, which shortens the entire treatment plan by approximately 6 months, as compared to an open sinus-lift.

How the iRaise procedure is performed

The key element in the iRaise sinus-lift procedure is the unique multi-function iRaise implant – an innovative dental implant that is used by dentists for performing the entire sinus-lift, ensuring a highly safe procedure with far less complications and a shorter treatment duration.
The iRaise procedure includes a few simple steps:

1. Reaching the sinus floor: To reach the sinus floor the dentist uses customized gentle and precise drills that contain specially designed tips to ensure maximal safety..

2. Injecting saline solution – The saline fluid is injected through the unique iRaise dental implant, which gently lifts the sinus membrane, keeping it intact, and eliminating complications, such as membrane tears.
Injecting the saline

 3. Inserting bone replacement material – We use bone graft material that has worldwide approval and has been used in dental procedures for over 20 years.

Inserting bone graft

4. Inserting the dental implant into the bone – The implant is installed during the same procedure, sparing many months compared to traditional methods.

Crown Placement

In the following months

After 6-9 months, tissue and bone will regenerate, and the implant will be fixed in place, at which time you will be ready for the crown fitting. The entire procedure takes approximately 9 months – much less than the traditional invasive procedure.