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Maxillent’s comprehensive line of dental implants allows dentists to provide the highest standard of care for all indications, bone types and surgical protocols.

All Maxillent implants are manufactured from Titanium – 6 Aluminum – 4 Vanadium ELI alloy. Surface treatments are via grit blasting using an apatitic calcium phosphate media, followed by acid etching. Comprehensive surface testing through scanning electron microscopy ensures there are no foreign bodies on the implant surface, while X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) ensures the elemental purity of the surface. Surface roughness is measured using profilometry.


iSure implants are mildly tapered, and feature double threading with a pitch of 1.2 mm. The tapered design allows the implant to be placed in the ideal position for improved esthetics and better load distribution. The immediate loading protocol for the edentulous mandible provides patients full functionality and sthetics, in as little as one treatment, to increase patient acceptance and satisfaction.

iSure Features

  • Titanium – 6 Aluminum – 4 Vanadium ELI alloy
  • Surface treatment via grit blasting with apatitic calcium phosphate media, followed by acid etching
  • Tapered  body
  • Internal hexagon 2.5mmD Connection
  • Variable threads
  • Designated to all bone types
  • Self-tapping and condensing
  • Active tip
  • 3.75mmD, 4.2mmD, 5mmD Diameters
  • 8 mm, 10 mm, 11.5 mm and 13 mm lengths
  • Single platform
Length /
8 mm10 mm11.5 mm13 mm
3.75 mmDental Implant IS-3708Dental Implant  IS-3710Dental Implant  IS-3711Dental Implant  IS-3713
4.2 mmDental Implant  IS-4208Dental Implant  IS-4210Dental Implant  IS-4211Dental Implant  IS-4213
5.0 mmDental Implant  IS-5008Dental Implant  IS-5010Dental Implant  IS-5011Dental Implant  IS-5013