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Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Maxillent’s surgical kit is designed to maximize time and streamline surgical procedures. The surgical kit features an intuitive, easy-to-follow instrument flow and sleek, modern design for an ideal combination of flexibility, simplicity and convenience.

  • Logical instrument organization
  • Aligned with surgical sequence
  • Color-coded by implant diameter
  • Intuitive part labeling


Marking Drill and Initial Drill

Marking Drill 2.0 mmInitial Drill 2.0 mm
Countersink DR-S2028Initial Drill DR-S31
Cat. No.DR-M20DR-S31


3.1 mm/3.65 mm
Cat. No.DR-SW

Flat Drill

Flat drill narrowFlat drill wide
Flat Drill DR-FNFlat Drill DR-FW

Cortex Drill

Cortex drill narrowCortex drill wide
Cortex Drill DR-CNCortex Drill DR-CW

Implant Drill

2.0 mm 2.8 mm 3.2 mm 3.65 mm 4.3 mm
Implant Drill DR-20Implant Drill DR-28Implant Drill DR-32Implant Drill DR-36Implant Drill DR-43
Cat No.DR-20DR-26DR-32DR-36DR-43

Drill Extender

Drill Extender
Implant Drill Extender  DR-EXT
Cat. No. DR-EXT

Hand Drivers

Hand Driver 1.25 LongHand Driver 1.25 Short
Cat. No.TL-HD12LTL-HD12S

Handpiece Adaptors

Handpiece Adaptor 1.25Handpiece Adaptor 2.4
Handpiece Adaptor TL-HA12Handpiece Adaptor TL-HA24
Cat. No.TL-HA12TL-HA24

Ratchet Adaptors

Ratchet Adaptor
1.25 Long
Ratchet Adaptor
1.25 Short
Ratchet Adaptor
2.4 Long
Ratchet Adaptor
2.4 Short
Ratchet Adaptor TL-RA12LRatchet Adaptor TL-RA12SRatchet Adaptor TL-RA24LRatchet Adaptor TL-RA24S

Ratchet Wrench

Ratchet Wrench 4mm
Ratchet Wrench TL-RW40
Cat. No. TL-RW40

Torque Ratchet Wrench

Torque Ratchet Wrench
Cat. No.orque Ratchet Wrench TL-TR

iRaise drills Stoppers

Part descriptionCan no.Image
iRaise Drills Stoppers 3MMSR-ST3iRaise drill stoppers
iRaise Drills Stoppers 4MMSR-ST4iRaise drill stoppers
iRaise Drills Stoppers 5MMSR-ST5iRaise drill stoppers
iRaise Drills Stoppers 6MMSR-ST6iRaise drill stoppers
iRaise Drills Stoppers 7MMSR-ST7iRaise drill stoppers
iRaise Drills Stoppers 8MMSR-ST8iRaise drill stoppers

Screwdriver Handle

Screwdriver Handle 4 mm
Cat. No. Screwdriver Handle TL-SH40

Parallel Pin /Depth Guide

DescriptionFlat depth guideCortex depth guide narrowCortex depth guide wide
Parallel Pin Depth GuideParallel Pin Depth GuideParallel Pin Depth Guide